About Al Ain Zoo Tickets

Spreading across 990 acres, Al Ain zoo park is home to 4000 animals of different species in Abu Dhabi displaying a sense of wildness to the visitors. Al Ain zoo cares about every animal as its conservation and breeding program has preserved the lives of the animals that are on the verge of extinction for the past 50 years.

Let it be the feeling of feeding and caressing tall giraffes or riding a camel just like they do in movies, this zoo being critically acclaimed is one of its kind. The mesmerizing feeling of the walk-through lemur exhibit and the interaction of feeding the animals makes Al Ain the most anticipated zoo in the nation.

Families and friends come to enjoy this green area for picnics and eating at the in-built restaurants and cafes. People visit in masses to board the infamous safari and catch a glimpse of the rarest mammals such as the White Lion, the Nubian Giraffe, Arabian Oryx, and the big-horned Barbary sheep. Reptiles like Nile Crocodile and Liptien’s Spiny Tailed Lizard and birds like Vulturine Guineafowl, Steppe eagle, Eagle Owl, Blue-necked Ostrich, and Penguins are some other popular animals to see here.

Book Al Ain Zoo Tickets

Book advance Al Ain zoo tickets online to enjoy the thrilling experience of witnessing 4000 of the world’s rarest animals. Catch the White Tiger, the African White Lion, and the Nubian Giraffe living in their raw form with full protection in their own natural habitat. The ultimate experience of Al Ain Zoo can be only done through boarding the world’s largest human-made safari. Booking a complete family package will let you choose from a variety of variants offering different deals and discounts. The hassle-free instant booking confirmation of the Al Ain zoo ticket will make you and your family plan efficiently by letting you explore this ecosystem. Walk through the lemur exhibit, visit the archaeological collection at Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center, and board the private safari for seeing these wildest beasts closely. Children can experience the child-friendly zoo by making animals pat, feed, and ride.

Barbary sheep
Entertainment Package

Find 4000 animals from 200 species in their near-natural habitat on your trip to Al Ain Zoo.

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2% OFF
Safari Vehicle
Leisure Safari Tour

 For the most authentic African safari experience, you can take a 45-minute Truck Drive.

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Watch Animal Feeding
Private Safari Tour

Find your favourite animal in a habitat that replicates its natural surrounding in the wild with 60 minute SUV Safari Ride

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Al Ain Zoo Tickets Options

Entertainment Package

The most basic package in the zoo Al Ain tickets will get you all of the ticket entries to the park, Desert World, and the Sheik Zayed Desert Learning Center. Get your heart ready to be filled with thrill where you can catch a glimpse of a whopping number of 4000 animals and ride a camel in solace in this 4-hour journey of the Al Ain zoo park.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Leisure Safari Tour

Turn your leisure time into enjoyment with the entry ticket to the park, Desert world, Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center, and boarding the 45-minute African Safari drive. Sharing your journey with fellow travelers, you will be able to have a closer look at your favorite wild animal living in its raw form.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Private Safari Tour

Hold the hands of your loved one in this exclusive Private Safari to have a closer look at the wildest and the rarest animals in the world. This inexpensive Al Ain zoo ticket price will include the entry ticket to the park, Desert world, Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center, and a 60-minute Private Safari tour. You will be able to enjoy the closest looks of the wildest animals like Tigers, White Lion, Ostrich, Cheetahs, and the Arabian Leopards.

Witness the Animals at Al Ain Zoo Tickets

Al Ain Zoo park is one of the largest, most popular, and the most caring zoos of all time following every method to preserve the wildlife which is on the verge of extinction. The perseverance of the fauna makes the zoo home to rare animals that are not easily found in any other zoo or park. Separate animal houses are featured in this zoo to make the exploration easier and more exciting. A single Al Ain zoo tickets makes you experience the Big Cat House, Chimpanzee Forest, Reptile House, Monkey Compound, Aquarium, and Aviary.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai

A separate bird house-Aviary is made to make the ecosystem habitable for the beautiful birds like the Vulturine Guineafowl and the Emu Bird, making you click their pictures. Steppe Eagle and Desert Eagle Owl look glorious and are the main attractions in the birdhouse for you to see. The flightless birds are even easier to be found in this vast ecosystem such as the beautifully colored cuckoos, flamingos, and the infamous blue-necked Ostrich. Possessing an Al Ain zoo ticket makes you see the captivating visuals of the birds like nowhere else.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai

The rarest mammals that one has never heard of are found here in the Big Cat House of Al Ain Zoo Park consisting of the big beautiful cats such as tigers, cheetahs, cougars, leopards, jaguars, etc. The enchanting White Tiger and the African White Lion remain the center of attraction amongst tourists but several pumas, black panthers, and the South African Cheetah share their attention as well. Among mammals, this is a home to several forms of Ungulates and the calmest herbivores such as Arabian antelopes, Barbary sheep, gazelles, oryx, etc.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai

A separate Reptile house in this zoo makes you see tortoises and turtles living in the natural ecosystem with the main champion of all the categories being the Aldabra Giant tortoise. The reptile house in the Al Ain zoo ticket price features you to see Liptien’s Spiny Tailed Lizard and Red-Eared Terrapin remaining one of the strangest reptiles to catch the eyes of the spectators. The star of the entire reptile house is an enormous and dangerous alligator- the king of all known as the Nile crocodile.

Experiences Included in Al Ain Zoo Tickets

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Tug of War with Tiger

ug of War with a tiger is often termed “Man VS Beast” putting a human as the prey to the hungry beast. Done in supervision and in the presence of a lot of audiences to cheer your bones, coming face to face with the hungry and furious beast is not meant for the heart of the weak.

Penguin Parade

The Penguin parade will make you meet the cheerful group of penguins and will make you play with these cute little beings. You can closely witness the playful behavior of the penguins by feeding them fish which makes them quick enough to fight over a bite and thrive for more.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Safari Lion’s feeding

Zoo Al Ain tickets will make you board the kind of Safari ride where you are surrounded by the Boss of the Jungle, not just a single one but a Pride of Lions altogether making your heartbeat faster. Under the supervision of experts with utmost precautionary measures and safety, you can feed the lions their favorite meal even without touching them.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Lemur Walk

The walk of Lemur has been one of the most celebrated events of this zoo, showcasing different kinds of these cute little animals moving around their natural habitat. This process is well known as the Lemur exhibit, where tourists curiously watch these adorable creatures live their life peacefully.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Watching Animal Feeding

The calmest animals are caressed a bit more when they are seen by the travelers as all the feeding sessions are free of cost happening in the presence of zoo staff. Even children are not left behind to feed the animals such as horses, ponies, and camels.

Wings of the Sahara Show

Be a spectator for the wildest birds of Dubai like falcons, vultures, and eagles showing their charm either with their flight or hunting skills to make you witness one of the best bird shows of your life. Wings of Sahara Show is one of the most unique experiences that come under Al Ain zoo ticket price, making tourists capture some memorable moments of the mighty birds.

Things to Do at Al Ain Zoo

People visit Al Ain zoo park for catching the sight of the wildest and rarest animals along with having interactive times with the humblest of herbivores. To make the experience, interaction, and sightseeing easier, the zoo is divided into various areas like the Big Cat House, Chimpanzee Forest, Reptile House, Aquarium, Monkey Compound, and Aviary. You can experience the most popular ride of Private Safari and indulge in fun activities like taking your kids to the children’s zoo, feeding giraffes, enjoying bird shows, penguin parades, lemur walks, etc. While exploring the zoo, you can visit Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center to learn about the country’s vision and practices that help to preserve endangered species.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Enjoy Al Ain Zoo Safari

The enormous safari ride known as Al Ain safari zoo ride is a masterpiece to withstand the typography and desert environment to the fullest. Enjoy the most celebrated ride getting you to experience the close-ups of nature’s deadliest beasts like the White Lion, Tigers, Rhinos, Cheetahs, Jaguars, and Leopards.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Learn at Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Center

Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, named after the founder, is one of the most famous places to visit in this zoo. This center is a hub to get complete education about the country’s past, present, and future along with the knowledge of preservation of the environment. Loads of programs in the form of interactive sessions, exhibits, visual materials, and multimedia are offered in English and Arabic for you to learn more interactively. You can get the complete information revolving around the multiplication of the endangered species and efforts put in to give them the most natural habitat.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Experience Gazing at Zoo Animals

Witness the charm and pride of 4000 animals along with a list of 130 endangered species in the vast zoo of Al Ain. The rarest mammals being the main attractions include the White Tiger, African White Lion, and several Arabian antelopes. Reptiles such as Turtles and Tortoises and the infamous Nile Crocodile are most popular in the reptile house of the zoo. Birds like the Blue-necked Ostrich, Desert Eagle Owl, Flamingos, and cute little penguins along with migratory birds like Sooty Gull, White-Cheeked Tern, and Yellow-Throated Sparrow, etc are the most admired birds of the zoo.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Dining with the King of Jungle

Have the tastiest meal of your life while sitting near the lions enjoying their food in the most celebrated highlight of your zoo Al Ain tickets. There is a deep enclosure encircled by an electric fence in between the dining area and the lion’s exhibit. This exclusive form of dining can be experienced under extreme safety measures and precautions placing you in the closest vicinity of the lions.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Feed the Giant Giraffe

Take the opportunity of feeding the calmest herbivore and this interaction can turn out your life’s closest experiences with an animal. Al-Ain Zoo comprises Giraffe Feeding Stations where you can feed the magnificent animal with the assistance of the zoo staff. Giraffes are pleased as you feed them their favorite food-lettuce leaves, and carrots and are trained to give you a response for bell rings.

Al Ain Zoo Dubai
Welcome Migratory Birds

The birdhouse of Al Ain Zoo has been large enough to protect the existence of endangered birds but is now a home for several beautiful migratory birds as well. Migratory birds themselves chose this natural ecosystem covering vast distances over the toughest typography and number of water bodies, totaling the count of 98 such species of the guest birds. People buy Al Ain zoo tickets to see the adorable migratory birds making their presence every year. Some migratory birds include the Socotra cormorant, sooty gull, white-cheeked tern, yellow-throated sparrow, and even predatory birds such as the peregrine falcon and osprey.

History of Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo Dubai

• Founded by then ruler of the United Arab Emirates late Sheik Zayed

• Founder of the nation took a historic decision to build the zoo of Dubai in 1968.

• Started as a solution to save the endangered desert antelopes such as the Arabian Oryx who faced extinction in the decade of 1960s.

• The vision of massive development along with the perseverance of the wildlife and letting it grow in its natural habitat was a driving force for the establishment of the zoo.

• Tourists visit every time to see rare and wild animals boarding the famous ride of Al Ain safari zoo.

• Al Ain Dubai created a natural ecosystem for animals to move freely and protected the red-listed endangered species with the closely monitored processes and research earning the United Arab Emirates global applause.

• Zoo has been able to protect endangered animals such as Arabian Oryx, Arabian Leopard, Dugong, and Green Turtles, along with endangered wild birds including the Falcons and Houbara Bustards are reintroduced by the zoo as well.

Tips for Visiting Al Ain Zoo

  • Visiting Al Ain Zoo in the morning hours of 9 AM is the best choice for beating the heatwave of the hot climate of Dubai.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the journey as there are so many places to explore and animals to see.
  • Don’t forget to carry a camera that will make you click one of the best shots of the life of your favorite animal.
  • If you are accompanied by a child, watch the infamous Lemur walk exhibit making your child’s day.
  • Hire a guide for a smooth experience in exploring and discovering all 4000 animals.

Know Before you Go to Al Ain Zoo Dubai

Al Ain Zoo Dubai

How To Reach:

By Bus: From famous places in the close vicinity of Al Ain Zoo such as Novotel World Trade Center, Caffè Nero, Central Souq, etc, it takes approximately an hour to reach by traveling in a bus. The nearest bus stations are Emirates Engineering-2 with an 18-minute walk and Beirut Road 2-1 with a 25-minute walk. Board bus no. 33 or F08 that will stop at the Engineer-2 bus stop, from where you can walk towards your destination.

By Metro: A typical metro journey from nearby places to Al Ain Zoo would range anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours with the nearest station being Airport Freezone Metro Station and Rashidiya Metro station situated about an hour of walking. Take the M2 metro line which will take you directly to the Airport Freezone Metro Station.

By Car: If you have an Al Ain zoo tickets, traveling by a car from the city of Al Ain is the best and most convenient option as there is a lot of walking distance between the bus stands and the metro station, it is generally preferred to travel by car in a matter of 15 minutes.

Best Time to Visit:

Best time to Visit: The operational hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM but the best time to visit is 9 AM to 12 Noon for enjoying and beating the scorching heat of Dubai.

Location: Nahyan The First St - Shihab Al Ashkhar, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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